The Maumelle Marlins made the trip to Sherwood to take on the Sharks in a two-team meet, with the Marlins scoring 407 points to 1,210 points to the massive Sherwood team.

The point total was still a solid one for the Marlins, with the Maumelle ladies having a particularly good day.



Ava Dunn had a good showing with a win in the gold backstroke and the silver freestyle. Kate Tuxhorn took the bronze butterfly.


Melia Bugg won the gold free and back, while Samarah Crawford won the silver breaststroke.


Emma Eaton led her age group with a silver win in the breast and a bronze win in the individual medley. Addison Southerland also had two wins, taking the bronze back and butterfly. Anna Carden won the silver back.


These girls had a big day in the pool, with Kamie Marshall leading the way with wins in the gold free, butterfly and IM, and a platinum back. In the gold division, the girls swept the free and butterfly with Jordan Dallimore and Amaya Boggan finished second and third in each as well. Boggan also won the gold back.

Lyndi Burns looked good in the bronze division, winning the back, breast and IM. Carlie Shelton took the silver back.


Ellie Shelton had a win in the gold IM, while Megan Atwood won the silver breast, Maisy Matthews the bronze breast and Gabriel Abbott the bronze IM.


Taylor Elder looked dominant in the water while winning four races. Elder took the gold back as well as the silver free, butterfly and IM.



Zane Sims won the gold free and breast, while Ethan Harthcock took the bronze free.


This group had the most success of any of the boys, with five swimmers winning races for the Marlins, and three of those winning multiple races.

Ty Wunderl had a great day, winning the silver butterfly along with the bronze back and IM.

Jerrod Merica won the gold free and back, while Spencer Marshall did the same in the silver free and back.

Will Sims won the gold breast and Daniel Csege won the bronze breast.


Chalin Dunn won the silver free and bronze IM, while Zack Marshall won the gold IM.


Joshua Abbott won the silver butterfly and the bronze back. Perryn Andrews finished first in the gold IM.