As the Central Arkansas Swim League turns toward the homestretch, the Maumelle Marlins have several swimmers high in the rankings with the Meet of Champions two weeks away.

Ann Floyd, Spencer Hazen and Jordon Woodson lead the way in the 11-12 age division and Jacob Toland and Jayce Gustafson rank at the top in the two oldest age classes.

Floyd, 12, leads the females in 50-yard freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and individual medley. She is third in butterfly.

Hazen, 12, leads the freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Woodson, 12, leads in breaststroke and IM and is second in freestyle and backstroke and is third in the breaststroke. Hazen is second in breaststroke and IM.

Toland, one of the top swimmers in the state in his age group, dominates the 13-14 division. At 14, he ranks first in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and IM.

Gustafson, 18, has the top spot in four of the five events in boys 15-18. He leads in the 50-yard freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and IM and is tied with the best time in breaststroke.

The Marlins host Sherwood on Saturday and close the season with Lakewood at home on July 13.


Melia Bugg leads the way by ranking in the top five in five events. She is second in the breaststroke, third in the backstroke, fifth in the freestyle and butterfly and sixth in the IM. Samarah Crawford ranks second in the breaststroke. Madison McKinney ranked seventh in freestyle and 11th in backstroke.

For the boys, William Sims leads the way with a second in freestyle and breaststroke, third in backstroke and fifth in butterfly. Titus Yager, ranks fourth in butterfly and fifth in freestyle. Jack Kerley, a 5-year-old, ranks third in IM and ninth in freestyle. Aiden Sedivy is fourth in IM and Jonathan Walz is ninth in IM.


Girls 7-8 is paced by Jaelyn Woodson, 7, who is second in the breaststroke and fourth in the IM. She is also fifth in freestyle, 10th in butterfly and 15th in backstroke.

Blair Yager, 8, is eighth in backstroke. Anna Carden, 8, ranks 13th in freestyle and 15th in breaststroke. Elizabeth Clingan, 7, is 12th in backstroke. Emma Yeaton, 7, is 11th in IM.

In boys, Zachary Marshall, 8, is first in freestyle, second in butterfly and IM , fifth in backstroke and 14th in breaststroke. Cole Clausen, 8, is 10th in IM and 11th in freestyle. Aaron Boggan, 7, is 11th in IM.


Kammie Marshall, 10, is second in freestyle and butterfly, third in backstroke and IM and 13th in breaststroke.

Drew Tistle, 10, is ninth in IM and 12th in breastroke. Ty Tistle, 9, is 10th in butterfly and 11th in breaststroke and IM.

Amaya Boggan, 10, ranks eighth in IM and freestyle and tenth in backstroke. Abby Blount, 10, is 10th in freestyle. Jules Rose, 10, is 10th in breaststroke. Jaya Salgaonkar, 9, ranks 15th in freestyle, but is a gold-level swimmer.

Aiden Lively, 9, is second in breaststroke, fourth in IM, eighth in backstroke, and ninth in freestyle and butterfly. Nate Atwood, 9, ranks 12th in backstroke and 15th in freestyle. Tommy Whaley, 9, is 16th in IM and Dreshaun Doyne is 17th in freestyle.


Madison Belknap,12, ranks 10th breaststroke and17th in freestyle while Meredith Harrison is 12th in backstroke.

Ellie Shelton is 14th in freestyle and backstroke. Hannah Waz is 16th in backstroke.

Bobby Sweere, 12, ranks fourth in butterfly, fifth in freestyle and eighth in backstroke. Jason Neill, 12, is 10th in the backstroke and IM and13th in the fly.

Hunter Fender, 12, is 12th in freestyle and 14th in IM.


Parker 14, ranks seventh in IM and butterfly, eighth in freestyle and breaststroke, and ninth in backstroke. Maddie Price, 14, is 13th in breaststroke.

Perryn Andrews, 13, is eighth in the IM, ninth in the backstroke and 10th in the butterfly. Jared Hailey, 14, is 13th in the butterfly and 14th in the freestyle.

The Marlins have a strong showing in depth in girls 15-18 with four swimmers ranking among the top. Sally Sweere, 15, leads the way with a second in backstroke and butterfly, third in freestyle and seventh in freestyle.

Maddie Cougill, 16, ranks fourth in freestyle, fifth in IM, sixth in backstroke and seventh in the butterfly.

Melanie Griffey, 16, ranks eighth in IM and is 11th in freestyle and backstroke. Charlotte Sweere, is 10th in butterfly, 12th in freestyle and 13th in backstroke.

Moriah Hollaway, 17, is fourth in backstroke, ninth in IM and 11th in butterfly.