A long-time member of the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Commission on Monday was officially recognized for his many years of service by Mayor Joe Smith.

Smith recognized Commission member Tom Davis during a meeting of the North Little Rock City Council.

“On behalf of myself as mayor of North Little Rock and for the citizens of our community, I want to recognize you for serving 24 years on the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Commission as vice president and a dedicated member.”

Smith said much happened to improve the park’s system since Davis first served on the commission during the 1990s.

“Due to your involvement, countless projects have been completed over the many years,” Smith said. Smith said Davis’ efforts helped make North Little Rock a better place to live. “Our citizens have benefited from your service as you diligently attended the meetings, served on committees and came to special events for staff support.”

Smith added, “You and I have known each other a long time, and you have my personal thanks and appreciation for a job well done. If I can ever be of service to you, please let me know.”

In other news, the council reviewed a proposed plan set forth by the North Cedar Street Municipal Improvement District Number 32.

“To stabilize the hillside in an around the boundaries of the district (the hillside) and complete other work for which purpose the district was formed,” reads the proposal presented to the council.

The improvement district is interested in conducting a geotechnical investigation to determine an appropriate method of stabilizing the hillside. “This week was and is expected to be performed by the geotechnical engineer and a civil engineer,” according to the proposal.

The estimated cost to the district for this aspect of the project is $86,549.31 with $3,353.20 incurred in 2015, $13,196.11 incurred in 2016, and $70,000 expected to be incurred in 2017.

The district wanted to see removed obstructions to the work, including the house and shed located at 4612 N. Cedar St., landscaping, loose rock, and privacy and other fencing. “Prior to house demolition, test the house for asbestos and abate any such asbestos as required,” according to the proposal. “During the installation of micropile rock pins, erect temporary fencing including construction fencing, safety barrels, and barricades. After micropile rock pins are installed, re-establish original grade, add topsoil, seed work area, and replace privacy fencing.”

According to the district plan, asbestos testing and abatement on the house were performed by environmental contractors and demolition of the house was performed by a general contractor. The district wanted to see fissures filled on the hillside.