The North Little Rock and Sherwood police departments currently are asking for the public’s help in trying to locate perpetrators who are believed to have been involved in local sexual assault incidents. “Hello everyone, as you all know the NLR Police Department and Sherwood police Department have had six (6) incidents involving cases where a black male has sexually assaulted, threatened or attacked victims in several locations,” said North Little Rock Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brian Dedrick..

The North Little Rock Police Department is working closely with the Sherwood Police Department, Arkansas State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify and arrest the suspect involved in these cases.

“We have had a sketch done based on several of the victims description of the suspect,” Dedrick said.. “We want to work very closely with the media and our community in identifying this individual.”

Police investigators have set up a special phone line to receive tips from the public.

“We have established a tip line for anyone with information or who may recognize this suspect,” Dedrick added.

Officers have released a sketch of the alleged perpetrators and are asking for the public’s assistance.

“This sketch was completed by descriptions from the victims of the various assaults in North Little Rock and Sherwood areas,” Dedrick said. “The below description has been given consistently by victims.”

Officers said they would appreciate the public’s assistance.

The unknown suspects are listed as a black male with dark to medium skin tone, standing either 5-foot-6 or 5-7 with a small to medium build and ranging in age between 18-22 years old.

According to a police report released by the North Little Rock Police Department, one such assault incident took place at about 2:17 a.m. on April 11 at 4901 Allen St., North Little Rock, which involved an aggravated robbery and rape.

The perpetrator in question had a handgun during the incident, During the incident, a ZT cell phone worth $160 was stolen as well as the victim’s wallet. The phone was valued at $150.

Officers were dispatched to the site in regards to an aggravated robbery that took place in the area of 4900 Allen St., according to the police department.

Upon arrival, officers met with the unnamed alleged victim who stated that she was walking home from work when a black male wearing all black came up behind her and placed a gun to her head.

On March 25, at about 11 p.m., officers responded to 2800 Lakewood Village Drive in reference to a possible attempted car jacking.

According to the police report, an unknown black male approached the vehicle, reached inside the vehicle, grabbed a woman’s head and pressed an object against her head. “The male told them to ‘quit moving’ and to shut the [expletive] up or he’d shoot them.”

Police said during the second incident no perpetrators did not demand to take money.