Jake Stogsdill wasn’t sure what to think when he moved to Conway to run the new Academy Sports there.

Well, at least not what to think when he heard about the city’s annual festival, Toad Suck Daze.

“I had to look it up,” he said. “Got out my phone and Googled it, to see what people meant.”

The festival will be in downtown Conway and starts this Friday. A complete schedule can be found at toadsuck.org.

Stogsdill, who grew up near the Arkansas state line in Oklahoma and went to the University of Arkansas, was unfamiliar with the event.

“Once I saw what it was about, and heard from the other people in the store how big a deal it was, I thought that it was something we should get involved with,” he said.

But first he had to pitch it to the company’s marketing team.

“I had my phone out, already had it Googled, so I could show them,” he said with a laugh. “I knew the name would throw them.”

Stogsdill got to Conway just as, “they were pouring concrete” last March and the store opened in September, so this is the first Toad Suck Daze. As a result, the store put together what they are calling a festival survival kit that includes a tumbler, armchair, tote bag and a poncho for $20.

The store also threw in a free Toad Suck Daze t-shirt.

“We like to be part of the community,” Stogsdill said. “Toad Suck is a large part of Conway.”


Thanks to our friends at Academy Sports, this paper has some Toad Suck Survival kits to give away. Check the NLR Times Facebook page on Thursday for more.