The North Little Rock Planning Commission on Tuesday reviewed proposed developments, including those targeted for the Argenta area.

Planning commission members reviewed one proposal which would make changes to the commercial building located at the northwest corner of Main and 13th streets.

The project would include two different phases. “Phase 1 is to allow a single tenant to occupy a portion of the building. At the time a second tenant is expected, all of Phase 2 requirements are to be met,” according to a planning commission staff summary presented to board members.

Phase 1 of the project would include bringing all sidewalks, street trees, concrete aprons, dumpster screening, privacy fence and buffer requirements up to city requirements before a tenant would occupy the building.

“Phase 2 includes the parking lot and improvements on the west side of Maple (Street) and all the interior parking lot improvements and parking lot landscaping on Lot 7R,” continues the staff summary.

Planning commission members also reviewed a proposed rezoning request made by Maridale Corp. which wants to rezone 6801 Highway 70 East in North Little Rock from C-3 to I-3.

Maridale Corp. currently owns 6915, 7005 and 7021 Highway 70 East which is the property immediately to the east of the property that would be rezoned. “Metro Scrap Metals Inc. currently is zoned I-3 and operates a full service scrap metal recycling company on this site,” said Thomas R. Pownall, project engineer. “The majority ownership of Metro Scrap Metals Inc. and the majority ownership of Maridale Corp. Inc. are the same.”

Metro Scrap Metals Inc. has been operating at the site since 1983 and it has been zoned I-3 since that time. “Metro Scrap Inc. has outgrown this location and wishes to expand west on Highway 70,” he said. “Metro Scrap Metals Inc. plans to operate the same type of business it has been operating on Highway 70 for over 30 years, which makes this rezoning request a necessity for this expansion to occur.”

The rezoning would allow Metro Scrap Metals Inc. to remain in North Little Rock as an ongoing operation and steady employer for years to come, he said.

Planning commissioners also are being asked to review a request to rezone 11801 Interstate 40 from C-3 to I-1 to amend the land use plan from community shopping to light industrial to allow for truck parking. The application is being made by Love’s Country Store.

The site currently is a convenience store with fuel pumps and truck parking. “This rezoning would allow for an expansion of the existing business to the east,” according to the staff report presented to commission members.

The surrounding land has undeveloped property to the north and east, truck rental and sales to the west and Truck Centers of Arkansas to the south.