Pine Forest Chess Club has been playing chess for eight years now. It is sponsored by the Alpha, Talented and Gifted Program, for K-5th grade students. Students have met every Thursday after school to play games, watch instructional videos, and to socialize. Any Pine Forest student that wants to learn to play Chess is eligible to play with the school’s Chess Club. For information on joining, call Deborah Jones at 472-3011.

New members can join our club on and play other Pine Foorest students over the summer.

Pine Forest Chess Tournament Winners

Over-All Honors

1st Place: Kaleb Burns, 3rd grade

2nd Place: Avery Blevins, 5th grade

3rd Place: Sammie Lee, 5th grade

4th Place: Reese Miller, 4th grade

Grade Level Winners:


1st: Tatum Perez

2nd: Jacob Tullos

First Grade:

1st: Ashton Burns & Hunter Hayward

2nd: Ryley Mayden

Second Grade:

1st: Sam Goodman

2nd: Karrington Cross & Connley Kemp

Third Grade:

1st: Ashton Burns

2nd: Linkoln Perez

3rd: Joe Kitchen

Fourth Grade:

1st: Reese Miller

2nd: Luke Hudgins

3rd: Evan Phillips

Fifth Grade:

1st: Avery Blevins

2nd: Sammie Lee

3rd: Connor Li