Molly is estimated to be about 4 years old. She is a beautiful Heinz 57. Our best guess is a Black Mouth Cur but she could have a little Rhodesian Ridgeback or shepherd mixed in. Molly absolutely loves people. She would love to be back in a loving home very soon and laying at someone’s feet as she seems to enjoy being an oversized lap dog. Older kids preferred as she is 70 pounds and very strong. She does need help understanding boundaries and personal space. What she does understand is, “Molly, sit.” and “Good girl.” She is a really good girl. She does not care for other small dogs or cats. This tells us she may have a small prey drive. She does like other male dogs her size just fine and has done well in a pack of 4-5 dogs while at the shelter. She loves having companionship.

Molly is currently located at Maumelle Animal Services, 425 Cogdell Drive, Maumelle.

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