The Sherwood City Council on Monday was asked to rezone the vacant lot located at 2 Catterton Drive from Commercial C-2 to residential.

The commercial property is located across the street and adjacent to single family homes. Petitioner David Forstrom said, The rezoning to residential is to build detached single family homes which will improve the quality of the single family neighborhood and is a more compatible and appropriate zoning classification.”

The petition came to aldermen following a decision made recently by the Sherwood Planning Commission which denied the request. The property does not front a major road.

“We purchased the referenced property in May 2017 in an area with single family homes across the street and to the south of the property,” he said. “We relocated from Florida to Sherwood in 2016 and love the city of Sherwood and plan to make it our permanent home.”

Forstrom said his intent is to build a permanent home on the property and sell the remaining property to a quality home builder.

“As you know, it is quite unusual for a rezoning request such as ours to ‘down-zone’ a property from commercial to a less valuable residential use,” he said. “We believe single family residential development of the property is the right thing to do to protect the quality of life and property values of the adjacent single family homes.”

He added, “If the property was annexed today, it would clearly be zoned residential based on the location in the midst of single family homes. In fact, the property lies within the city of Sherwood future land use category of Detached Single Family Homes.”

He said the Sherwood city staff recommended approval for single family homes and rezoning to R-2. “The few neighbors who objected did not object to R-1 single family zoning, which they clearly preferred over commercial development, but the fact that R-2 also allowed multi-family and zero lot line homes even though our approval was only for single family homes.,” he added.

He said since he had spoken to neighbors he said they fully support R-1 single family zoning as they see the benefit to their neighborhood quality of life and property values by preventing commercial development across from and adjacent to their homes.

“We respectfully ask the city council to approve R-1 single family zoning as supported by the neighbors and consistent with the City of Sherwood Future Land Use Map designation as Detatched Single Family,” he added.

The council also voted to appoint Blake Martin to the Sherwood Planning Commission and the Sherwood Board of Adjustments.

His term will expire on May 201, 2022.