Early Tuesday morning, former professional boxer Jermain Taylor was arrested by the Maumelle Police Department.

Taylor was charged with Domestic Battery, Terroristic Threatening and Interference with Emergency Communication.

Terroristic Threatening is a felony charge, while the remaining charges are misdemeanors.

Maumelle police spokesman Capt. Jim Hansard said that officers were dispatched to a residence in Maumelle on a report of a domestic disturbance.

Offices found Taylor and Ashley White, who told police that she had been attacked by Taylor during an argument.

She also told police that Taylor had attempted to damage her cell phone to keep her from calling 911 and that he had bit her several times. White then told police that she attempted to flee but Taylor prevented her from doing so. She then pepper sprayed him in the face and was able to leave the residence.

Taylor chased White down the street and threatened to kill her.

Officers, in their report, noted that they saw visible bite marks on White’s left arm and face and also noted, “the odor of intoxicants” on Taylor.

The Maumelle Fire Department also responded and decontaminated Taylor of the pepper spray. He was charged and taken into custody, then released from the Maumelle Police Department with a no-order contact and a court date.

Taylor was a bronze medal winner in the 2000 Olympics before beginning his professional career that ended in 2014. At one time, he was the undisputed middleweight champion of the world but has had regular run-ins with law enforcement in central Arkansas since retiring.