River City Ministries of North Little Rock is in the midst of a settlement offer from the city of North Little Rock.

On Monday, the North Little Rock City Council reviewed a proposed resolution that accepts a settlement offer from the ministry to forego a lien being placed by the city of North Little Rock.

The property in question is located 1118 E. Washington St., North Little Rock and is owned by Vonda Bailey.

“On March 27, 2017, following a public hearing and pursuant to Resolution Number 9185, the city of North Little Rock declared property owned by Mr. Vonda V. Bailey and located at 1118 E. Washington Ave. to be a nuisance and condemned it,” according to the resolution.

On June 22, the city abated the nuisance at a cost of $83,37 and requested that reimbursements be made by Bailey on or before July 24 in order to avoid a lien being filed against the property by the city.

“The city has been advised by the attorney for River City Ministries that discussions and negotiations have occurred between Mr. Bailey regarding his donation of the subject property to River City which included demolition of the structure on the property.,” according to the resolution.

River City, a non-profit organization which provides a great service to homeless and disadvantaged persons in the city, had previously obtained a quote for demolition of the structure on the subject property in the amount of $3,500 and has offered to pay that sum to the city to forego placing its lien thereon, adds the resolution.

“Inconsideration of services provided by River City, it is in the best interests of the city and its residents that the settlement offer in the amount of $3,500 be accepted, contingent upon the subject property being donated by Mr. Bailey to River City,” continues the resolution.

On June 22, the city code enforcement office sent Bailey a bill for services related to the demolition. Expenses included: Demolition, $7,900; asbestos survey, $295; administration/collection fees, $60; postage fee, $42; and filing fee, $40. The balance was due on July 24.

On July 13, city attorney Jason Carter received a letter from River City’s legal counsel in regards to the settlement offer.

“I am writing on behalf of my client, River City Ministries. River City has been in discussions with Mr. Vonda Bailey regarding his donation and transfer of a number of lots to River City Ministry,” said attorney Erin Brogdon. “The lots are located adjacent to the River City’s office on Washington Street in North Little Rock.”

Part of the negotiations involved River City taking responsibility to tear down a structure on the lot located at 1118 E. Washington Ave. “The legal description of the property is Lot 1, Bock 1, Loomis Addition, Pulaski County, Arkansas,” said Brogdon.

Brogdon continued, “Mr. Bailey and River City were aware that the city of North Little Rock ( the city) had notified Mr. Bailey that if he did not remove the structure, the city would remove it. However, Mr. Bailey and River City had also notified the city of the intent of the parties to transfer the property to River City and River City would assume responsibility to remove the structure.”

Brogdon said River City had obtained a quote from Ken Roe with All Season Contractors in the amount of $3,500 to demolish the structure and River City had full intentions of employing the company to remove the structure upon the title passing to River City.

“A number of factors have delayed the transfer of the property, and on approximately June 20, 2017, the city razed the structure without providing Mr. Bailey or River City with notices of the city’s immediate intent,” Brogdon said. “Mr. Bailey received a bill from the city in the amount of $8,3337 for the services of removing the structure.”

Brogdon continued, “We are writing today to ask the city to consider the offer of $3,500 to settle Mr. Bailey’s bill with the city and prevent a lien from being placed on the property.”