On Saturday, Oct. 7, employees of American Truck and Rail Audits held a surprise gathering for their company’s Founding Fathers — Ed Scott, Mike Lasiter and Shan Scott.

The event held at the Hilton Garden Inn in North Little Rock included dinner, dancing, and entertain-ment hand-crafted by the employees. A large crowd of employees, their families, and the Founders’ family and friends gathered for the celebratory occasion.

“It is hard to express what these guys mean to us,” said Monica Poyner, who was the event’s lead or-ganizer and also a 20-year employee. “We felt the need to say thanks in a big way. We want them and everyone else to know how important they are to us.”

Those thoughts were echoed by the other employees.

“Working for [them] has changed my life for the better,” said Tamara Henry, an audit support staff member. “I have never worked for such good, caring people.”

While Monika Williams, a rail auditor, added, ““I‘m incredibly grateful that I was provided the oppor-tunity to work here and succeed to my fullest potential…they believed in me from the beginning.”

Dee Wickliff, also a rail auditor, said, “These men gave me a life. I was on the verge of having to sell everything and move in with relatives. They saw potential in me, gave me this amazing opportunity. I finally feel like a normal, self-supporting person again.”

The company was founded by Ed Scott and Lasiter in 1979 and became a true functioning entity in 1981. Lasiter still serves and company President, and, Scott as Chairman of the Board.

Shan Scott, son of Ed Scott and a company employee for more than three decades, took over the reins as CEO in 2013.

All three are North Little Rock natives.

Currently located on Remount Road, the company is the nation’s premier provider of after-payment freight cost auditing services.

The company’s mission is to shipper’s recover freight overcharges and reduce freight spend. Over the years, the company has had significant growth in clients and employees. It services some of the coun-try’s largest truck and rail shippers including a significant number of Fortune 500 companies.