The Maumelle community has joined several others in central Arkansas in offering a little free pantry. The purpose is to share food with those who might need a little help in making it to the next paycheck. A secondary purpose is to allow those who can contribute food to the little free pantry.

The pantry is located outside the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, at 4001 Club Manor, which is the little yellow church just behind Kroger.

The little free pantry is sponsored not only by St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, but also by Community Christian Church and Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church.

It is available any time day or night by driving up to it and taking what one needs or placing items (within the use by date) in the pantry for others.

Vestry member of the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church Lisa Brandom recently overheard two conversations while shopping in two area dollar stores. One went like this: “I need a job, my kids ain’t got nothing to eat.” Another said “My kids are mad at me. We ran out of food last night and I can’t bring any home until after work tonight.”

Brandom knew about other little free pantries throughout the country that have sprung up recently. She also knew that Maumelle was one of the most affluent cities in Arkansas. The realization that some needed food at times, either because of a tight budget or joblessness, was shocking. She began to coordinate with members from Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church and the Community Christian Church to see how a little free pantry could become a reality.

Fliers have been posted throughout the community to let people know of this ministry.

The three churches are hopeful that the little free pantry can meet some food insecurity needs of families.