Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday and bring your wallet.

Nationally, some $1.7 billion will be spent on candy for the one, or ones, you love.

The candy of choice across the country is conversation hearts, those chalk-like candies in the shape of hearts stamped with messages like, “be mine” and befitting these modern times, “tweet me” and “text me.”

Regardless of the message, more than 8 billion conversation hearts are expected to be sold this year.

Conversation hearts passes heart shaped boxes of chocolates in total sales, according to figures compiled by, a website that sells candy online. They also track sales with an interactive map of the United States.

In Arkansas, conversation hearts are No. 2 in sales, with Hershey Kisses taking the top honors with some 75,000 pounds, or almost 38 tons, sold.

That’s a lot of kisses!

In third place are Ghirardelli gift boxes.

Of the 50 states, all had conversation hearts in the top 3 of sales. But some states had some curious, and unfamiliar choices.

Something called cupid corn is popular in North Carolina and Nebraska, while those in Ohio and Kentucky like Wild Berry Skittles. also reports that 69 percent of people prefer to receive chocolate over flowers but your results might vary but, nationally, spending on gifts like jewelry and dinner.

A report from the National Retail Federation said $18.2 billion is expected to be spent this year or an average of $137 a person.

So get shopping.