Voters in Maumelle turned out early and often for a special election held on Tuesday.

On the ballot were two proposed sales tax increases that total a penny and both passed but a proposed bond issue for sewer improvements failed.

With a turnout of a little more than 20 percent of Maumelle’s 13,118 registered voters, some 1,407 voted for a sales and use tax that would increase the city sales tax by a penny to a total of 9.5 cents on every purchase inside the city limits.

Half of the sales tax would be for “public safety facilities and activities” for Maumelle’s police and fire departments.

It would also mean that the city’s current Community Service fee would end.

Maumelle residents currently pay $6 a month and is collected quarterly. It would end this fall now that the vote was successful. Mayor Mike Watson said previously that the fee generates around $750,000 annually, while the sales tax is projected to bring in more than a million dollars annually.

The other successful vote was for a bond issue that would total $15,595,000 in bonds for a new, but long discussed interchange for Counts Massie Road and Interstate 40.

It passed by the slimmest of margins – 18 votes – with 1,337 voting for it and 1,319 voting against.

The second bon question was for $2,325,000 in bonds for sewer system improvements in and around the Morgan area.

It failed, with 1,378 voters going against it and 1,274 voting for.

Voting was nearly even split between Election Day and early voting with 1,395 citizens going to the polls on Tuesday and 1,267 voting either early or by absentee ballot.

The special election is being paid for by Maumelle’s Vision for the Future Committee.