Last week, Sherwood City Attorney Steve Cobb officially announced that he is running for re-election for another term.

“I came into office with two goals: make Sherwood a safer place to live and a better place to live. Working together, our community has achieved these goals, but I believe there is more work to be done to improve our city,” Cobb said in a release. “As the Sherwood City Attorney I’ll continue to put our citizens’ needs first.”

Cobb has been a resident of the City of Sherwood since 1969 and was first elected as City Attorney in 1998. Cobb received a BA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1980, where he majored in Political Science & Marketing. He also attended UALR’s School of Law, and was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in 1985.

“To keep our streets safe, I’ve aggressively prosecuted drunk drivers. I have successfully prosecuted hundreds of DWI offenders resulting in an overwhelming conviction rate which makes our community a safer place to raise a family,” said Cobb.

“In addition to keeping our community safe, I also want to maintain its beauty,” he added. “When I took office, Sherwood had complicated regulations to address substandard housing that hurt overall home values and were a blight on our community. I fought hard to cut bureaucratic red tape and now a significant number of these run-down structures and eyesores have been torn down with new appropriate housing appearing in their place.”

Prior to becoming City Attorney, Cobb worked for both the Hale Law Firm and Hurley & Whitwell Firm. He later became a Special Prosecutor for Child Support enforcement in 1990. Just four years later, he became the Assistant County Attorney for Pulaski County. Cobb is a former Sherwood Chamber of Commerce President, Past Man of the Year for the Chamber, past member of the Chamber Executive Board, Sherwood Sobriety Court Prosecutor, and is a member of the Sherwood City Retirement Committee.

Steve and his wife, Mary, have one daughter, Katelyn, and two grandchildren: Benjamin and Annabelle.

The Sherwood City Attorney is a non-partisan elected position and the election is in November 2018