Technically, summer doesn’t start until June 21, but summer temperatures are already here.

The National Weather Service office in North Little Rock has forecasted temperatures in mid to high 90s for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a slight break in the heat coming on Sunday when the high is expected to be right at 90.

The more concerning thing, the office said, is the heat index. A measure of hot it actually feels like outside when the temperature and humidity are accounted for.

And that’s where it takes a turn for the miserable.

“Heat indices could exceed 100 degrees across parts of the state,” the office wrote. “Heat index values will continue to run high this week.”

The problem with a high heat index is, “the body is not able to cool as effectively through sweating” and “the heat can become unbearable at times.”

The office said a heat index over 105 degrees is considered dangerous and also noted that more people in the United States die from the heat, than those killed by, “hurricanes, floods, lightning and tornadoes.”