While turnout was low, voters in Sherwood passed a one-cent sales tax increase on Tuesday night.

The increase was split into two proposals.

The first was a quarter-cent increase that would be permanent and it received 597 votes and 556 against for a nearly 52 percent to 48 percent margin with a total of 1,153 people who voted.

The larger sales increase, for three quarters of a cent, won more easily. It received 653 votes for and 514 against for a margin of nearly 56 percent to 44 percent. A total of 1,167 voted.

Marcia Cook, the director of the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, said she was “VERY” pleased with the positive outcome of the election.

The Chamber had backed the increase since it was first proposed.

She added, [I’m] “just happy it passed.”

The permanent portion of the increase would go towards the city’s general fund, while the remainder would be used to repay $38.5 million in bonds to fund road construction and other infrastructure needs.

Also on the ballot was the runoff election for Justice of the Peace District 10, which covers portions of northern Pulaski County.

It was won by challenger Barry Jefferson, 187 to 96 votes for Incumbent Robert Green Sr. Green was first elected in 1997 and was seeking his ninth term in county leadership.

The runoff election also skewed voter turnout numbers as it meant 34,176 people were registered to vote and eligible to cast ballots.

That’s more people than the city population of Sherwood, and with just 1,464 of those, it meant turnout was a little more than a paltry 4 percent.