Baptist Health and a group of leading physicians announced recently a significant new organization called Baptist Health Physician Partners. It is another example of leadership for Baptist Health and its medical staff partnering to further improve clinical outcomes and efficiencies for the citizens of Arkansas.

"Baptist Health and a group of outstanding physicians from multiple specialties have been working for eighteen months in designing this new organization that will further improve quality and reduce costs for our patients," said Russell D. Harrington, Jr., President and CEO of Baptist Health. "What is unique about this endeavor is that it is a physician-driven, physician-led, physician-managed, and hospital supported care delivery strategy."

Baptist Health Physician Partners announces that it is beginning with more than 200 physician partners and will be actively reaching out to physicians across Arkansas for additional members committed to continually improving quality and reducing costs.

Baptist Health Physician Partners Board of Managers is chaired by Chris Cate, MD, general surgeon, and includes eleven other physicians as well as five members of the senior leadership team of Baptist Health.

"Physicians who choose to join Baptist Health Physician Partners will commit to uphold standards of quality that are recognized by the physicians themselves as best practices, consistent with scientific evidence, and "the right thing to do," said Dr. Cate. "We will use technology to communicate with one another regarding individual patient care and the performance of the group as a whole to ensure the high standards are upheld and that care is delivered in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, physicians will gain the ability to participate jointly in contracts with payers and employers based on quality performance and outcomes of the entire group."