For anyone who does not know, Sept. 9 is National Grandparents Day. The newspaper, in honor of the grandparents of North Little Rock, Sherwood and Jacksonville wants to sponsor a contest.

The Times, Voice and Patriot newspapers are seeking nominations for the Grandparent of the Year for 2012. The grandparent must live in one of those three towns or the surrounding areas to be eligible.

Nominations for this contest will be made by you, our faithful readers. Grandkids – young or all grown up – this is your chance to tell the world how wonderful you think your grandma or grandpa is. Parents, there is a chance that your kids who absolutely adore their grandparents won’t even see this article because they will be too busy playing computer games, texting on their cell phones, or spending hours a day on their computers, cell phones or smart phones. So, parents, you are encouraged to shove this article in front of your children and tell them this is your chance to tell the world what makes your grandma or grandpa the greatest grandparent in the whole world!

To enter the contest, email me at or write me at P.O. Box 428, North Little Rock, AR 72115. If you are mailing in your entry, make sure my name is on the envelop and mark somewhere clearly that it is an entry in the 2012 Grandparent of the Year contest. In what you write, tell me what your grandparent the best and why he or she deserves this honor. Also, include a photograph of them. If you are proud of them, it is time to show them off! And if they are camera shy, if they know it is for a good cause, and they will forgive you for giving me their picture.

For the grandparent chosen as the 2012 Grandparent of the Year, you will be contacted by me by phone. I will then make arrangements with you to have a picture of you and the grandchild who nominated you to be taken. That photo will be published along with the article declaring to our readers that he or she is the 2012 Grandparent of the Year.

The winning grandparent will be asked to perform one task if he or she is chosen. In the article, that person will be asked to declare to the world what makes their grandchildren special. (All the newspaper asks is for the winning grandparent to limit your bragging about your grandchildren to 1 billion words!

The deadline to enter this contest is Thursday, Sept. 6. The winning grandparent and their grandchild who entered them into this contest will be featured in the edition of Thursday, Sept. 13, as the 2012 Grandparent of the Year as declared by this newspaper.

Again, all entries should include both a written explanation about what makes your grandparent so special along with their photograph. To all entering this contest, good luck!