The North Little Rock Mayor’s Youth Council will host a reception for eleven mentors at the fourth annual Compass Awards Program on at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the North Little Rock City Hall in the Council Chambers. Eleven council members will honor their mentors with a short ceremony by reading a personal tribute to each and an awards presentation.

Council members were asked to choose adults who had set them on or kept them on the right path, and had played a large role in helping them to become who they are today. Mentor honorees are Lisa Doss, Marybeth Norcross, Michelle Swoope, Mary Beth Cox, Terri Valentine, Gwyn Leger, Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Randal Jernigan, Dwayne Nobel, Ray Fulmer, and Dawn Sullivan. Council members are Hannah Dorsey, Alex Leirer, Casey Klucher, Alyssa Burleson, Christy Hawking, Grant Strobel, Lauren Rainbolt, Devyn Mitchell, Raygan Sylvester, and Katia Bautista

The 10th Annual National Mentoring Month campaign is underway this month with broad support from governors, mayors, businesses, nonprofit groups, and celebrities across the country. The campaign’s goal is to recruit volunteer mentors to help young people achieve their full potential. The campaign also encourages Americans to reach out to thank or honor those individuals who encouraged and guided them, and had a lasting impact on their lives. Additional information about National Mentoring Month is available at

The public is welcome. For more information on this event call Jan Scholl at 951-0866.

In case of inclement weather the program will be held on Feb. 7.