North Little Rock’s Fit 2 Live program still has 35 bicycle racks available. They can be installed in front of businesses and community organizations to allow customers and the public to park their bikes safely.

According to Bernadette Gunn Rhodes, director of the city’s Fit2Live program, racks must be installed on a concrete surface and will be installed free of charge by the city’s Street Department.

"Businesses and organizations wishing to have bike racks installed must sign a Joint Use Agreement with Fit 2 Live guaranteeing public access to the racks," Rhodes said. "Racks must be installed according to installation guidelines to ensure bikes have enough space and do not interfere with vehicle or pedestrian traffic."

For more information, contact Willa Williams, Complete Communities Coordinator, at or 975-8780.

The agreement is to be signed by representatives of the city of North Little Rock and whatever "community partner" that agrees to place the bike racks, according to the agreement.

"The City has declared its commitment to the Fit 2 Live initiative for healthy eating and active living and pledged to create an environment that empowers and encourages the community to make healthy, physically active lifestyle choices; " states the agreement. "As part of its federal Communities Putting Prevention to Work ("CPPW") obesity prevention grant, the City adopted Joint Use Agreement Resolution No. 8119 on July 23, 2012 to authorize City departments to collaborate with community organizations in developing agreements that allow sharing of recreational facilities for mutual and public benefit.

A total of 88 bicycle parking racks were purchased with CPPW funds for public use to encourage the use of bicycles for active transportation and recreation.

"The bicycle racks will feature a city logo sticker with links to bicycle safety and wayfinding resources," reads the agreement. "The Community Partner has agreed to place bicycle rack(s) on its property for unrestricted public use."

The city shall install bicycle racks upon property owned by the Community Partner at no charge to the Community Partner. The bicycle racks will be located in a place and positioned in a manner as agreed by the parties that shall allow and encourage public use. The bicycle racks shall remain the property of the City at all times.

The Community Partner shall not relocate the bicycle racks without the express written permission of the City, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The Community Partner shall not reserve bicycle racks access to patrons or employees of its organization, business, or institution.

The Community Partner shall perform routine inspection of the bicycle racks and keep it /them in good visual condition. Typically this will consist of removing graffiti such as stickers and applying touch-up paint as necessary.

"The Community Partner will notify the North Little Rock Mayor’s Office if structural damage occurs to the bicycle rack(s)," states the agreement. "The City may elect to repair, replace, or remove any damaged bicycle rack(s) without further obligation."

The Community Partner shall remove any abandoned bicycles, bicycle locks or chains on a regular basis, and keep the area surrounding the bicycle rack(s) in a neat and clean condition.

The Community Partner shall maintain the bicycle rack(s) as provided in this agreement for a minimum of one year after installation, and respond to survey questions on the current status and usage of the bike racks.

"If the Community Partner removes any rack prior to one year after installation, the Community Partner shall reimburse the City for the cost of installing and removing the rack or racks removed. If the City removes any rack prior to one year after installation, the City shall bear the cost of restoring the location to its original condition prior to installation," states the agreement.

The City and Community Partner shall cooperate in promotional activities for the program, including the use of photos of the finished sites. All promotional materials related to bicycle racks installed pursuant to this agreement will cite the Community Partner, City of North Little Rock, and Fit 2 Live as program partners.