On Jan. 18, Arkansas Carry, hosted an open carry celebration walk which began at Schlotsky’s Deli, 3421 J.F.K. Blvd., North Little Rock.

After a safety briefing in the parking lot, the group walked to Cherry Hill Drive and back.

Clint Cloinger, regional coordinator for Arkansas Carry said the open carry walk was held in celebration of Act 746.

"On Aug. 16, 2013, Act 746 went into effect," Cloinger said. "Originally House Bill 1700 Act 746 changed the way you can legally carry a weapon."

Cloinger said the bill was drafted with similar language that is used in Vermont’s constitutional carry law that has been the law of the land since it became a state.

"Act 746 states you have to ‘attempt to unlawfully employ the weapon’ before you commit an offense, meaning you have to show criminal intent before charges can be filed against you," Cloinger said.

Arkansas Carry, along with its supporters, celebrated Act 746’s passage by walking with a handgun openly displayed on each participant’s person.

"All of our walks are coordinated with the local police department and we always do a safety briefing before each walk," he said.

These walks are taking place to make aware the general public and local law enforcement that the law in Arkansas has changed.

"There have already been walks in Maumelle, Conway, Cabot, Fort Smith, Jonesboro and Hot Springs just to name a few," Cloinger said.

He added, "We are firm believers in the Second Amendment and feel that every law abiding citizen should have the right to protect themselves and their family from the evil things that take place today in our society."