The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the armed robbery of the Valero Service Station, 18823 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, which took place at approximately 3:59 a.m. Tuesday.

According to a report compiled by Deputy Marshall Kenney, officers responded after being told an unknown male entered alone into the station, showed an employee a firearm and left the premises with $760 in cash.

“Upon arrival, I made contact with employees Roy Peterson and Dana Smith,” Kenney said.

Peterson stated at approximately 3:45 a.m. a black male subject wearing a black leather jacket entered the store.

Peterson said the subject walked around inside the store for a short period of time.

“Peterson stated that Smith said she was going to outside to smoke,” Kenney said. “Peterson stated after

Smith walked out the front of the store the subject walked around behind the counter.”

Peterson said the subject opened his jacket and revealed he was carrying a long silver handgun in a holster.

“Peterson stated the subject then went over to the first register, hit the ‘No Sale’ button on the

screen to open the drawer, and then emptied all of the cash money out of the till.”

Peterson said the subject then walked over to the second register and followed the same process before walking out

of the front door.

Peterson said he walked out the door as the subject was walking back across the parking lot to tell Smith they had been robbed. Peterson said two customers that were pumping gas heard him telling Smith about the robbery and proceeded to chase after the subject but were unable to catch him.

Smith stated at approximately 3:45 a.m. she observed a black male enter the store with long thick braids and a black beard wearing a dark gray jacket with a purple scarf.

“Smith said the subject winked at her several times while walking around inside the store,” Kenney said. “Smith stated the subject made her nervous so she told Peterson she was going to go outside to smoke.”

Smith said shortly after she had gone outside she saw the subject leave and walk back across the parking lot.

Smith stated Peterson exited the store behind the subject telling her that they had been robbed.

“Smith stated two customers that were pumping gas chased the subject across the street near Ton’s Bar but were

unable to catch the subject,” said Kenney.

A perimeter was set up in the area while Maumelle’s K-9 unit responded. The K-9 was unable to obtain a track on the subject, according to Kenney.

“On the store’s surveillance video, I observed a light skinned black or possible Hispanic male wearing a purple toboggan, black jacket, black gloves, dark colored pants, and black shoes enter the store,” Kenney said. “The subject is seen walking back to the drink coolers and then back toward the front counter. Shortly after Smith is seen walking out the front door the subject then walks behind the counter and empties both cash registers before walking out the front door and back across Macarthur towards Ton’s Bar.”