Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC) will begin crisis intervention assistance to families in Pulaski County with disconnect notices in the Crisis Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) program. Applications for regular assistance are still being accepted until funds are depleted.

To qualify for Crisis LIHEAP, persons must have a disconnect notice with a disconnect date within seven days of application date. All households receiving food stamps are potentially eligible to receive this assistance; however, the program is not limited to food stamp recipients. The program assists households with home energy and heating bills. Eligible households must meet income guidelines and furnish proof of all household income for the month prior to applying.

CADC encourages households to attend mass application assistance days to apply for assistance; however, the program will continue to accept both crisis and regular LIHEAP applications after the mass intake days.

In Pulaski County, the Mass Intake Days will be held Monday, Feb. 25 and Tuesday, Feb 26, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds, Arts and Crafts Building, 2600 Howard St. in Little Rock. Applications may be limited based on staff availability.

After the mass intake, applications will continue to be accepted until funds are depleted. In Pulaski County, applications will be accepted at the following times and locations:

• Monday through Wednesday, 8 a.m. until noon at the Arkansas Workforce Center of Little Rock, 5401 South University in Little Rock. Walk-ins only will be accepted at this location. Applications taken each day will be limited based on staff availability.

• Thursdays only, 8 a.m. until noon at the Arkansas Workforce Center of Jacksonville, #2 Crestview Plaza in Jacksonville. Walk-ins only will be accepted at this location. This site is limited to the first 50 customers.

Applicants for LIHEAP assistance must meet income guidelines. For a household of one, monthly countable income is $1,481. Countable income includes check stubs, child support, unemployment, housing utility assistance, SSI, SSA, TEA, VAS and retirement benefits.

To apply for assistance, the household should bring proof of income for all household members 18 years or older for the previous month, proof of child support, proof of unemployment for all household members age 18 and older, proof of social security, retirement, pensions, workman’s comp or disability, proof of utility allowance and if no income, proof of how bills are being paid. Social security numbers and birth dates for all household members are required. Failure to provide verification requested may result in delay or denial of assistance.

CADC is a private nonprofit community action agency that was formed in 1965 to fight and win the "War on Poverty." The mission of CADC is to improve the quality of life and build strong communities in Arkansas.