North Little Rock homeowners are being warned of a potential house painting scam recently attempted in town.

City Clerk Diane Whitbey issued a statement late last week warning residents of a flyer brought to her front door which had incorrect information about what the city requires for homeowners and their house numbers.

“Please see the attached notice,” Whitbey said. “It was taped to my door yesterday when I went home after work. The wording indicates that Police, Fire and Ambulance use the address found on the curb to locate your home in the event of a call. The notice also states, “We would like to see everyone participate in this effort to make your home faster and easier to find’. This notice is not from the City of North Little Rock.”

Painted numbers on the curb in front of someone’s house are not required by the City of North Little Rock at this time, she added.

“City Ordinance 7093 does require the display of street numbers on residential and commercial buildings,” she said. “The numbers are to be at least three inches in height for residential structures and six inches in height for non-residential structures.” Whitbey said if someone does leave a notice on the door, and if residents are interested in having the house number painted on the curb in front of their home, at their own expense, they should call her office at 340-5317 to verify that the individual has a current business license to do business in the city.

Regarding the attached, we will not be able to verify it since no contact information included,” she said.

Whitbey added, “Again, remember that all persons doing any kind of business in the City of North Little Rock are required to have a license (i.e. lawn care, curb number painters, door to door peddlers, contractors, restaurants, wholesale/retail, etc.). A list of categories and the amount of the license fees are posted on the city’s website at”