Paving began this week in North Little Rock on the Levy Spur Trail, a new bike/pedestrian recreational trail which starts in Levy under the 1-40 Overpass and runs along the old railroad track line to Camp Robinson up to 52nd St.

"Sections of the trail will be closed as needed for construction, with an anticipated four month construction schedule. The trail goes further but the paving project stops at 52nd Street," according to City Engineer Mike Smith.

The spur property was established to support World War I Camp Pike. According to Robert Voyles, City Planning Director, "It was last used about 16 years ago. The City obtained the property using our Local Urbanized Attributed funds with a generous contribution from the Union Pacific Rail Road."

The first phase of development is between 33rd and 52nd. Another grant application through the AHTD Recreational Trail program has been submitted to obtain additional funding. The spur is four miles long.

A community walking tour and discussion was held on April 19 and residents weighed in on their vision for the trail. One resident believed that "houses will definitely go up in value," while another expressed optimism that the trail will "draw visitors to area businesses."

A bike/pedestrian trail near homes will also support community health, says North Little Rock Fit 2 Live Coordinator, Bernadette Gunn Rhodes. "Residents have already started using the trail, and one neighbor let us know that she had lost over 50 pounds from the trail use alone, logging dozens of miles on the trail with her German Shepherd."

— Greg Rayburn