The North Little Rock City Council on Monday voted to approve the settlement of a lawsuit that three families filed against the city that alleged that a hillside cut had damaged their properties on North Cedar Street and the North Park Mall area.

According to the adopted resolution, in February 2009, the city of North Little Rock learned that the hillside cut which served as a rough border between the residential properties was failing. As a result, the city employed a geotechnical professional to measure, monitor and diagnose the problem.

"On two occasions, the city attempted to broke a remediation plan among the property owners which were challenged by initial expense, maintenance cost, financial difficulties and liabilities," states the resolution.

Further attempts to resolve the failing hillside were halted when litigation was initiated against the city by three families in the case of Lasseigne vs. the City of North Little Rock.

In the resolution, the city takes no blame for any cause the hillside cut may have caused the property owners.

"Despite the city’s good faith belief that the city did not cause the harm alleged in the case, the city acknowledges the value in amenably settling litigation between adverse parties; and the settlement of this case is anticipated to enable the remediation of the hillside failure which will provide a long-term benefit to the city through stable sales tax revenues from the North Park Mall and stable property tax revenues from the residences on North Cedar Street," reads the resolution.

The resolution permits the city to settle the lawsuit for $32,500 with the revenues to be taken out of the general fund.

In other business, the council approved a resolution to allow the North Little Rock Wastewater Office to acquire property along the Five Mile Creek in Pulaski County for its wastewater treatment plant.

According to the resolution, Trammel Properties, LLC, the owner of the three parcels of property along Five Mile Creek, has offered to sell one parcel for $850,000 and make a donation of two parcels.

On Nov. 13, during a meeting of the city’s wastewater treatment committee, the panel approved the acquisition of the property from Trammell Properties.

"It is in the best interest of the citizens and residents of the city of North Little Rock that the herein described property transaction be made in order to preserve and allow current and future development and improvement to the facilities," according to the resolution.

The council also approved the appointment of Karen Bryant to the North Little Rock Wastewater Treatment Committee. The position had previously been held by Patty Julian.

Bryant’s appointment expires on March 26, 2015.