For individuals in the Indian Hills Subdivision in North Little Rock who want a restricted parking district there is hope.

Matthew W. Fleming, North Little Rock’s deputy city attorney, has informed the members of the North Little Rock City Council that he is drafting a new proposed ordinance which may have a better chance of being adopted.

"Honorable Members of the North Little Rock City Council," Fleming wrote in a letter to city aldermen. "After the City Council meeting Monday night and phone calls with individual council members on Tuesday, Jason (Carter, city attorney) and I have reviewed the Parking Ordinance and the numerous amendments thereto."

Fleming said the city’s current ordinance does not permit the city to regulate the lengths of R.V.’s. The R.V. issue was the major reason Alderman Murry Witcher’s motion to adopt the ordinance died for lack of a second at the July 8 session.

Fleming said based upon the research of himself and Carter, the city’s legal office has concluded the following:

1. The Parking Regulations, Chapter 9 of the North Little Rock Municipal Code, were adopted by the City Council on 12-22-08 as Ordinance 8128.

2. As adopted in 2008, the parking regulations allowed a restricted parking district the authority to restrict not only parking in front or side yards and parking of commercial vehicles within the district, it also could restrict the parking of large RVs.

3. This last restriction regarding the parking of RVs was removed from the parking regulation ordinance by an amendment passed Sept. 28, 2009, with Ordinance 2009-58, also known as Ordinance. 8195.

"Since that time there has been no authority to prohibit the parking of RVs in any restricted parking district," Fleming said.

4. The confusion that has arisen comes from the fact that although the section prohibiting RV parking was removed (Ch. 9, 4.3.1), the section dealing with the application for a restrictive parking districts (Ch. 9, was not changed, and the option to prohibit RV parking appeared to still be available when applying to create the restricted parking district.

5. The office is drafting legislation to correct this oversight that has lead to the confusion outlined above. "Additionally, we stand ready to amend O-13-62 to reflect an accurate statement of the city’s parking regulations should that be requested," Fleming said.

Fleming said he is expecting to have the amendment to the restrictive parking ordinance available when the council convenes again on July 22.