The North Little Rock City Council Monday voted to condemn several buildings in its ongoing efforts to get rid of run down structures in the community.

The council voted to condemn 2507 Parker St., saying the structure constituted a public nuisance.

"Whereas, the buildings and structures whose location is set forth herein are vacant and have become run down, dilapidated, unsightly, dangerous, obnoxious, unsafe, not fit for human habitation and detrimental to the public welfare of North Little Rock citizens and residents," reads one resolution.

On Sept. 7, the city’s code enforcement office wrote North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Hays regarding the home, owned by Roy O. and Karen Skinner of Scott, who own the Parker Street locate located in the Myers Grover Addition. The city received complaints in July from a tenant living there and a municipal inspection resulted.

"The inspection showed defective and/or rotting roofing material, water was pouring down the inside walls and/or ceilings of almost every room in the house, floors were weak due to being water soaked," states Hays’ letter. "There was also an issue with mold and mildew and holes in the ceiling and walls."

The council also moved to condemn 308 Short St. due to its dilapidated condition.

"Whereas, the condition of such property constitutes a serious fire and health hazard to the City of North Little Rock and unless immediate actions are taken to remedy this situation by removing, razing, and abating said nuisance, there is a great likelihood that the surrounding property may be destroyed by fire originating from such unsafe and hazardous structures, and also that since structures are without property sanitary facilities and as such are unsafe and hazardous and a breeding place for rats, rodents and other dangerous germ carriers of diseases, such buildings constitute a serious hazard to the health and safety of the citizens of North Little Rock, and they should be moved or razed for the purpose of eliminating such hazards.

In November 2011, City Code Enforcement Officer Felecia McHenry conducted an exterior inspection of 308 Short St. after noticing a vacant, unsecured structure.

The owner of the property is listed as Choice Equity Investment in Benton.

In June, the city made contact with the previous owner regarding the upkeep of the property and minimal work was done to correct violations.

"The property has since deteriorated with a leaking roof, causing several of the ceilings to fall out," wrote McHenry. "Both doors (are) standing wide open, rear door has been kicked off of the hinges. The plumbing and wiring has been stripped (from) the house."

The council also moved to condemn 719 Hyacinth St. which is owned by Aline Thompson of Little Rock.

In March, the city conducted an exterior inspection and determined the structure had sustained fire damage. "The structure is considered to be a public nuisance and is unfit for human habitation," McHenry reported.

The council also voted to condemn 1103 W. 23rd St. owned by Phillip V. Persson of Sherwood.

An exterior inspection done in September 2011 showed the property to be unsecured with rotting siding material and extremely tall grass, which resulted in the city mailing a public nuisance notice and posting a notice on the structure.

"January 2012 the file was forwarded to the Argenta Community Development office, after owner stated that he had an interest in selling the property; however, due to title issues that were not able to be resolved, Community Development was not able to obtain the property," said McHenry.

"Mr. Persson requested information on the city’s debris removal program after the inspection it was determined by Mr. Persson that rehab to the structure is not feasible," McHenry said.

The council condemned the structure because 1103 W. 23rd was considered unfit for human habitation.

The same action was taken for a house located at 903 W. 45th St.

McHenry said complaints about the structure were received by the city’s code enforcement department by neighbors in November 2011. After an inspection, it was determined that the structure was vacant and deteriorating. It also had tall grass, trash, and debris scattered in the yard as well as an inoperable vehicle.

The council also voted to condemn the structure at 2118 Moss St.

The Moss Street structure received severe fire damage in July and was determined to be unsafe.