Mike Davis, 52, of North Little Rock, was sworn in on Oct. 4 as the new assistant police chief in North Little Rock — the first one to serve in that position since 1983.

Davis’ appointment was one of the most anticipated promotions in North Little Rock history. He is one of the best liked officers and individuals in the city.

A youth Sunday School teacher at Park Hill Baptist Church, Davis has been up front and a participant from everything like the Shop with a Cop Christmas program for needy children to the Special Olympics Torch Run and its annual Freezin’ for a Reason fundraiser where members of the north side force run into freezing water immersing themselves again and again to raise money for needy children.

Davis has been the patrol Captain supervising all of the men and women out on the streets since 2003. He began his police career in 1986 as a patrol officer but moved to the narcotics division three years later where he became familiar shutting down meth labs.

In 1994, Davis was promoted to sergeant and just five years later became a lieutenant. Along the way, Davis worked again in patrol, became a member and then lieutenant of the city’s elite special weapons and tactics squad and worked again both in narcotics and the patrol division.

Whenever any major police operation has been underway, Davis has been visible on the scene and has been the point man for Chief Danny Bradley at most events.

He has been the image of the North Little Rock Police for many who’ve seen him out on the streets.

When the announcement was made that an assistant chief would be hired, Davis was asked if he were interested and he reluctantly said that he would be taking the test.

Most promotions are based upon test results as well as performance but normally positions of command like chief and assistant chief do not involve testing in other police departments.

— Bill Lawson