The Downtown Riverside RV Park at 50 Riverfront Drive in North Little Rock announced today that it has brought in $1 million since opening on October 1, 2008 – resulting in an economic impact of nearly $7.4 million to central Arkansas.

"We are positively contributing to our city," said Sheila Bullerwell, RV Park manager. "Beyond spending the night, visitors to the park are seeing attractions and eating in local restaurants, and sharing those experiences with other potential visitors."

Downtown Riverside RV Park At-a-Glance (2008-July 28, 2014)

· Average number of visitors: 36,382 (estimate based on 2 people per RV)

· Total number of RVs: 18,191

· Days of occupancy: 52,498

· Average length of stay: 2.89

· Percent of RVs from Arkansas: 28.1%

· Generated revenue: $1,002,647.09

· Economic impact on central Arkansas: $7,366,516.36 (based on $140.32 per day multiplied by the length of stay)

The RV Park celebrated its fifth anniversary in October 2013 and last month hosted 140 RVs for the 63rd Annual Square Dance Convention at the Statehouse Convention Center. For more information about the Downtown Riverside RV Park, visit or call 340-5312.