GES, Inc., owner of Edwards Food Giant Stores in Arkansas, is announcing its newest location in North Little Rock.

The Edwards family has been in the grocery business for over 50 years and is excited to announce its newest store in the former Wal-Martbuilding at 3801 Camp Robinson Road. The store will be a new concept for Edwards, a cost plus supermarket.

The store will utilize approximately 50,000 square feet of the 70,000 square foot Wal-Mart building.

Construction is underway with a planned opening in the first quarter of 2014.

"Edwards Cash Saver will be the anchor tenant in a plan to revive a formerly very successful shopping area," said Steve Edwards, who is President of the company. "Interest is already being shown by other potential tenants."

With help from the North Little Rock Economic Development Corp., overgrown bushes and shrubs will be removed and landscaping will be installed according to a plan approved by the City of North Little Rock.

New and improved parking lot lighting will enhance the area and increase shopper safety. The parking lot is currently being repaired and will be resurfaced.

The cost plus format of Cash Saver will bring lower prices to its customers while offering all the name brands found in a conventional supermarket. The store will carry Certified Angus Beef which will be cut and packaged in the store.

Private label products already carried by the Edwards Food Giant stores in Little Rock will be available at even lower prices, said Edwards. The Best Choice and Always Save brands bring your family excellent quality at substantial savings.

After seeing much success in the Little Rock store, Edwards searched for a location in North Little Rock.

"The population base and a progressive city government confirmed the decision to locate in North Little Rock," Edwards said.

The store will initially employ approximately 50 full-time and 70 part-time employees. Future shopping center tenants will increase that number.

Total expenditures for improvements, equipment and remodeling the shopping center will be approximately $3 million with costs being shared between the property owner and GES, Inc.

Edwards has stores at Cantrell and Mississippi, 17th and Otter Creek, Baseline and Chicot Road in Little Rock, as well as one in Bryant.