As the North Little Rock School District 2014 spring semester approached, Thea’s Art Closet, a program of the Thea Foundation, with the help of the Caterpillar Foundation made big plans for the district’s 13 elementary schools.

Thea’s Art Closet has matched the grant of $7,500 from the Caterpillar Foundation for a combined gift of $19,500 — $1,500 per school — in the form of art supplies to the following North Little Rock School District elementary schools:

Amboy, Boone Park, Crestwood, Glenview, Indian Hills, Lakewood, Lynch Drive, Meadow Park, North Heights, Park Hill, Pike View, Redwood Early Childhood, and Seventh Street.

A commemorative ceremony to present this Caterpillar Foundation / Thea’s Art Closet grant was held on Jan. 6 at the Thea Foundation.

Caterpillar representatives were present, as well as North Little Rock School District Superintendent Kelly Rodgers and Assistant Superintendent Beth Stewart and art teachers from each of the 13 schools. Each party were given a moment to speak.

The $19,500 gift will fund a school calendar year’s worth of art supplies for each of the elementary schools— approximately 37 different products (approximately 139 items or sets) including drawing paper, brushes, pencils, acrylic paints, markers, scissors, and other essentials.

The collection of art supplies donated was curated to suit the grades represented by the school. Sample kits were on view during the ceremony, while the gifted supplies were drop-shipped to each school the following day.

Caterpillar Foundation

Since 1952, The Caterpillar Foundation has been dedicated to transforming lives in the communities where we live and work around the world. We champion programs that support

environmental sustainability, access to education and the fulfillment of basic human needs.

With the support of Caterpillar Inc. and the help of our partners, the Foundation is investing $200 million over the next three years in programs that benefit the most powerful source of change on Earth – adolescent girls. When we improve the potential of young women to end poverty for themselves, their families and their communities, and help them prosper, it’s the most powerful path to sustainable progress and growth. An investment no one can overlook.

Thea’s Art Closet

Developed in 2006 as a response to the growing trend of art educators’ shortage of supplies,

Thea’s Art Closet exists to give all Arkansas teachers and students the chance to experience unhindered creativity in the classroom. After five years of providing nearly one million dollars in high-quality arts supplies to over 388 schools and 200,000 visual arts students and teachers across the state, Thea’s Art Closet has expanded its cause.

With the help of generous individuals, businesses and granting agencies, Thea’s Art Closet, now a matching program, will continue to award need-based Visual Arts grants to whole schools, and will also award grants through, whose mission is to connect philanthropists with classrooms in need. Find applicationsfor schools and more details on the revamped Art Closet at www.theafoundation/supplies.

For more information about the Thea Foundation, please visit With specific questions about Thea’s Art Closet, contact Nick Leopoulos at 379-9512 or