The North Little Rock Police Department was advised on Oct. 3 that $35,000 worth of property had been stolen from Fellowship North Church, 1 E. 52nd Place, North Little Rock, according to a police report compiled by the city police department.

According to the report, the department was notified by the church at 8:30 p.m. that 22 items had been stolen. Entry was gained into the church by causing $225 worth of damage to a set of doors.

Pastor Craig Loibner said he has been involved in Christian ministry since the mid-1970s and he does not recall a time when a church had been robbed so badly.

"Not at this level," Loibner said.

Loibner said about two weeks ago an unknown person(s) broke into the church and stole a small amount of equipment.

Church leaders believe the same person(s) committed the same crime but came back to finish the job.

"They pretty much took everything," Loibner said.

Fellowship North considers itself an outreach church, trying its best to help the disadvantaged. Loibner said it has crossed the minds of congregation members that perhaps someone who has come to the church in an outreach capacity has decided steal the church’s valuables.

The church does have insurance but does have a large deductible. Anyone who would want to make a donation to the church to help make up the loss can mail a check to: Fellowship North, 1 East 52nd Place, North Little Rock, AR 72116.

The church also welcomes anyone in the community who would like to pray for the church and the individual(s) responsible for the theft, added the pastor.

Loibner said it is becoming more common in the church would that burglars break into houses of worship steal valuables.

He added that once congregation members realized much of their equipment had been stolen they moved quickly to do the best they could to prepare for the next Sunday service.

Items stolen from the church include:

Two lighting control boards, $1,500; two $6,000 24-channel digital mixers, a $5,000 digital projector, $2,000 digital projector, $1,500 video camera, $2,000 keyboard and stand, $500 bass guitar, $2,000 Sub-woofer speaker, $2,000 computer, $300 printer, $200 external hard drive, two $100 external hard drives, $2,000 camera, $200 tripod, $600 guitar amplifier, $500 video camera, $1,500 laptop computer, $1,000 computer and monitor and $1,000 digital projector.

Fellowship North opened its door in 1984.

Early in 1984, a group of people who lived in North Little Rock were making a weekly drive to west Little Rock to attend Fellowship Bible Church. They made the decision to plant a church north of the river so that they could invite people around them to a church in their own community. This group met all spring for training with Robert Lewis, who was then the lead pastor at the Little Rock church, eventually becoming the first church plant by FBC. On the first Sunday in June 1984, the first worship service was held in the Northside YMCA. The church met at there, setting up and taking down chairs each week for seven years before they moved to their current location.