This year can be considered a banner year for the Girls Scout unit representing North Little Rock, Sherwood and Jacksonville, officially known as the North Hills Service Unit.

Jenifer Boyd, North Hills Service Unit, product sales manager, said the unit sold 53,256 cookies this year in 4,480 cases.

"We have two trucks this year," said Boyd, who was waiting for the cookies to arrive at the North Little Rock Fisher National Guard Armory in North Little Rock on Feb. 20. We made a profit of $25,668.48 and it goes directly to the troops. Those total for North Little Rock, Sherwood and Jacksonville."

Proceeds from the sales go for many Girl Scout causes.

"The troops use it for a variety of things. Supplies for the troop meetings and it helps them get their patches and pins for their vests. Some troops help with community service projects they are working on," Boyd said. "Some troops take trips in state and out of state for enhanced learning activities."

Boyd said the unit is still selling cookies.

"These are just the pre order cookies," Boyd said. "We can sell until we run out or May 31."

May 31 is the deadline set by the National Girl Scouts organization in cooperation with the United Way, which starts its fundraising efforts in the beginning of June.

"We don’t want to overlap. We also want to ensure the quality of our product as well."

Boyd said the unit is up 23 percent from last year’s sales.

"Last year, we sold little over 48,000 cookies," Boyd said. We are not sure why the increase. Our girl scouts are good sellers. We had a lot of media help last year with the 100 year of girl scouts. With the 100 year anniversary of girl scouts there was more awareness from last year and we had a lot of sellers"

Heather Stovall, of North Little Rock, a volunteer, said she enjoys helping with the girl scouts. "I run a day care and we have two troops through our daycare. Our girls are cute. And they work really, really hard," Stovall said.

Stovall said she will take all her cookies back to her daycare and the parents will pick them up and deliver them to whoever ordered them. This is Stovall’s fifth year leading North Little Rock Troop 6096.

"I have 18 girls. Stovall said.

Christa Darr, of Sherwood Girl Scout Troop 6071, said she would be taking the cookies back to her home.

"They are all in my house until parents get them and will spend next 3-4 days sorting them and delivering them over the next 3-4 weeks," Darr said. "We will have booth sales set up throughout the North Little Rock-Sherwood area at places like Kroger’s, Dollar General and Wal-Mart."

Darr said iPhone users could use the girl scouts’ cookie booth locator application.

"Type in your zip code and it will tell you where the cookie booth is set up," Darr said.

Darr said her daughter is in the 7th grade and she h as been a troop leader for six of years.

"I home schooled when we first started for social interaction," Darr said. "Social interaction seems to be the issue with homeschoolers. Now most of these girls in my troop have been here 4-5 years and they have that bond and friendship. I like watching these girls learn, grow and seeing them work together and giving back to the community."

Darr said the parents make friendships, too.

Cristal Reese, of Jacksonville, leader of Troop 6436, Jacksonville, said her girls sold over 200 cases.

"That is good," Reece said. "Last year, they sold 100 cases. We have more girls this year. We opened our troop up to more girls. W e went from five to 10 girls."

Reese said her troop’s proceeds from the cookie sales would be going to a good cause.

"My girls are making breast cancer care packages. We have not found a place to distribute them yet," Reese said. "The girls will call around and we will have the girls do the organizing of the care packages this year."

Reese said her troop chose the cause of breast cancer because the founder of the Girl Scouts organization, Juliet Low, died of breast cancer.