Dear NLRSD Board Members,

Now is the time for the NLR school board to name one of our new schools after Fred Storm. Fred spent many years as President of our School Board and as Manager of the Chamber of Commerce supporting our schools.

Fred always had an eye to the future. I am including a letter to the editor that was published in the Democrat Gazette that shows how Fred thought the future lay with consolidation.

In 1982, fifteen years later, the Little Rock school board filed suit in Federal court for consolidation to settle desegregation. The court threw out the consolidation and the three districts were stuck with the desegregation issue.

Fred spent time and travel to find the best solution. He came up with the Storm Plan which the school board adopted. In it, Northeast and Old Main became one again. North Little Rock, as a result, was the first to meet the requirements of the Federal court of the three districts.

He was past President of the Greater Little Rock Optimist Club that participated in the building of a youth center two blocks from the high school.

In addition, Fred served in a field artillery unit in WWII in the Pacific. After the war, he became head of the 212th Signal Battalion that meets at our local armory. After the ill-advised merger of LR & NLR Chambers, he became head of the Better Business Bureau, from which he retired.

He gave a lifetime of service to his city, his state, and his country. Nothing would be more fitting than to name a school after him to remind future generations of how much he accomplished for our schools in a time of crisis.

Thank you,

M.M. Davenport

North Little Rock