With the price of health care these days, many people put off going to the doctor for a regular exam.

But for more than 150 people on Feb. 16, they made no excuse for getting a basic health screen done for them at no charge courtesy of Baptist Health Medical Center/North Little Rock with the help of First Assembly of God Church of North Little Rock.

The free health fair was not intended to replace a regular visit to the doctor, but a combination of nursing students, retired nurses, working nurses, volunteers, and church members helped give visitors an idea of how their basic readings such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pulse readings and Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if they are overweight.

Once people had their various tests taken, they would go to an evaluation desk where one of the nurses would give them an evaluation.

Nurse Lydia Waller said the evaluation was a way for health fair visits to get some up-to-date numbers on their readings.

"This was a community outreach," Waller said.

Some readings will take longer to receive.

While some results were immediately available, such as blood pressure readings, other results such as PSA readings for prostrate screenings were sent away for participants and the results will be mailed to them within about two weeks.

During the evaluation process, participants were asked if they wanted a physician referral. They were also given a tremendous amount of literature making suggestions on ways to properly manage their health.