The North Little Rock Fire Department will continue testing fire hydrants this month to ensure the fire hydrants are operating properly and can be used in the event of a fire or other emergency that requires water.

The increased flow of water from the fire hydrants during testing occasionally can result in discolored water at the customer’s tap.

Although the discolored water is safe, it can stain clothing. Residents are advised not to wash clothing in the discolored water.

Residents should check for discolored water in their washing machine before washing clothes during designated fire hydrant testing periods for your area.

Here is the testing schedule for the rest of the month:

• Oct 13. to Oct. 18 which is bounded by I-40 on the north, I-30 on the east, and city limits on the south and west.

• Oct 20. to Oct. 25 which is bounded by city limits on the north and south, Arkansas 107 on the east, and I-40 on the south.