Count Massie Road in North Little Rock should soon see improved drainage following action by the City Council to hire a contractor to implement renovations.

On Jan. 27, the council voted to accept the low bid of Lambert Construction of Little Rock to implement drainage improvements to Count Massie Road at a cost of $70,245.

"The mayor and City Council hereby authorize(d) to execute all documents necessary to effect the completion of the herein stated project," reads the resolution. "That the project cost of $70,245 is hereby appropriated from the Drainage Improvement Fund."

Lambert Construction was one of five firms that bid on the project on Jan. 9. Other bids ranged from $73,296 to $98,230.

The council also voted to enter into an agreement with Garver Engineering for the design and construction inspection of the Marion Street improvement project.

According to the adopted resolution, the improvements are to be made from 15th to 18th streets.

The council voted to appropriate $40,000 to pay for the engineering services.

According to the city’s agreement with Garver, the area will receive 1,350 feet of a two-lane curbed roadway with a storm sewer system and sidewalk.

The site currently consists of two lanes with open ditches.

The design phase of the project is costing the city $40,000 with the construction services provided by Garver having a $30,500 price tag.

The council also voted to appoint Mark Goodman to the North Little Rock Airport Commission.

He takes the place of Rick Ashley. The term is set to expire on Aug. 23.

The council also passed a resolution for the sale of a used traffic department paint truck that was owned by the city.

"The director of Traffic Services has learned that the city’s used paint truck has a trade-in value of approximately $15,000 to $20,000 and advises that the city can realize a greater return by selling the used paint truck rather than trading it in on the purchase of a new vehicle," reads the resolution.

The council opted to sell the paint truck to Quality Used Striping Equipment, a company specializing in the rebuilding of paint trucks for resale.

The city accepted the company’s offer to buy it for $55,000, according to the resolution.