The North Little Rock Electric Department has entered into a field services agreement with HCMS Inc. for the inspection of Unit 1 at the Murry Hydro Plant, following the approval of waiving the competitive bidding process on Aug. 12 by the North Little Rock City Council.

HCMS stands for Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc. is located in York, Pa. The firm is scheduled to install a rope packing system on Unit 1 in September. The cost of the inspection will be $373,000.

"The rope packing system was installed on Unit 2 last year and during the installation, substantial mechanical faults were identified requiring additional work," reads Ordinance 2013-70.

"North Little Rock Electric Department desires to cause an inspection of Unit 1 simultaneously with the rope packing system installation and it is impractical to use separate contractors for rope packing system installation and hub inspection," states the ordinance.

The $373,000 for inspection services at Unit 1 will be appropriated from the 2012 North Little Rock Electric Bond issue, according to the ordinance.

The $373,000 price tag will be paid as follows: 20 percent upon project execution (receipt of the purchase order); 20 percent upon mobilization to the site; 25 percent upon completion of the hub disassembly; 25 percent upon completion of the hub assembly; and 10 percent upon unit start up and commissioning.

According to the agreement, HCMS will provide some of the following services: Assist the plant with the rotating unit and draining the hub oil, but the plant is responsible for oil containment. Install scaffolding and platform for runner inspection. Attach pad eyes to DC ring interior by welding; Measure and record static blade seal clearances; Remove hardware cover plates and prepare for cone removal to contain remaining oil; Remove runner cone and place on cribbing downstream of the runner and perform visual inspection of the hub internals with photos and more oil samples.

Inspect blade link spherical pins and bushings; Remove DS servo seal retainer, remove backer and seal, inspect and record condition; Measure and record clearance between the DS crosshead to servo rod; Inspect crosshead keys and keyways. Record dimensions; Measure and record clearance between inner blade thrust pads to rocker arm. Perform blade tipping, twisting and wedging tests on each blade and record. Visually inspect traversing rods and seals; Reassemble the nose cone with new hardware and Buna-N o-ring; Re-fill hub with oil; Remove pad eyes from DC ring; NDE blade palm areas with dye penetrant testing; Remove scaffolding; and Prepare unit for re-water.