Members of the North Little Rock City Council will be asked to make their own recommendations to Mayor Joe Smith during the next several weeks as the city moves toward implementing a $500,000 street overlay program in 2013.

Mayor Smith had been waiting for weeks for City Engineer William Smith to come up with recommendations for a proposed 2013 overlay program and he recently received a proposal.

"With a budget of $500,000 and the cost of asphalt (by contract) at $62.86 per ton that will allow for approximately 100-110 blocks of overlay" William Smith wrote in his report to Mayor Smith. "The program does call for six blocks of milling ($18,000) that is not included in the $500,000 budget."

William Smith is recommending Ward 1 receive 25 blocks of overlay, Ward 2 get 27 blocks, Ward 3 get 26 blocks, and Ward 4 receive 26 blocks.

"You can see after the inventory, we made an initial selection list," William Smith said. "From that we reduced the list to about 50 blocks per ward. From that we have made the final staff selection."

William Smith added in his letter to Mayor Smith, "Just let me know if you would like to make any adjustments or go over the selection process. I’m ready to present to council when you are."

While about 25 blocks are recommended for overlay in each ward, there are about 1,800 residential blocks in each ward, according to the report.

"The selected streets do not include McCain Boulevard, Main Street or North Hills south of McCain," states the report.

William Smith said there are grant programs that may at some point be able to help with larger thoroughfares such as McCain or Main.

"The estimated cost of overlay per residential block is approximately $4,500," stated the engineer’s report. "The estimated cost of milling per residential block is approximately $3,000."

To overlay 25 residential blocks is approximately equivalent to 1.4 percent of the total residential blocks in a ward, states the report.

The cost of doing areas such as McCain and Main would be very high.

According to the report, the cost of doing McCain would be much more than the $500,000 overlay program could afford.

Overlaying 128 blocks of McCain would cost $1.34 million, according to the report. Of the $1.34 million, $448,000 would be needed to mill the streets while $896,000 would be necessary to overlay it.

The price quoted if McCain had been milled and overlaid in the following areas were: 22 blocks from Ridge to JFK, milling costs $77,000, overlay costs $154,000, totaling $231,000; 32 blocks from JFK to North Hills, $112,000 to mill it and $224,000 to overlay it for a total of $336,000; the 37 blocks at North Hills to 67/167, $129,500 to mill it and $259,000 to overlay it for a total cost of $388,500; and the 37 blocks of 67/167 to Roundtop, $129,500 to mill it and $259,000 to overlay it for a total cost of $388,500.

The cost of overlaying Main Street would have been a bit expensive, too, according to the study.

Redoing 24 blocks of Main Street would have cost $252,000, combining the overlay cost of $168,000 and the milling expenses of $84,000.

The following are the streets being recommended for the overlay program:

Ward 1

West of Main Street

Percy Manchin

1) Pershing to 29th Street, four blocks;

2) 29th Street to the I-40 On Ramp, four blocks;

3) I-40 On Ramp to Pike Avenue, four blocks;

4) Pike Avenue to I-40 Overpass, four blocks;

East 13th Street

1) I-30 to Poplar Street, four blocks

2) Poplar to Main Street, two blocks


West 47th Street

1) Pike Avenue to Camp Robinson Road, four blocks

Ward 2

Washington Avenue

1) Riverfront to Smothers, eight blocks

Rose City

Lynch Road

1) Highway 70 to Kay Street, 10 blocks

Ward 3

Scenic Drive

1) Martin to Cliffwood streets, four blocks

2) Pike Avenue to Camp Robinson Road, four blocks

Pike Avenue

1) 47th Street to 50th Street, four blocks


Parkway Drive

1) MacArthur Drive to Overpass, eight blocks

Crystal Hill/Maumelle

1) Prospect to Crystal Hill, six blocks

Ward 4

Latona Lane

1) Camp Robinson to Meadowbrook Road, two blocks

Remount Road

1) Top of the Hill to Camp; eight blocks;


Crestwood Road

1) Lochridge to North Hills Boulevard, 16 blocks.