Seatbelts Are For Everyone is a program started by Raygan Sylvester, now a senior at North Little Rock High School, after her brother suffered a near-fatal car crash in 2010. After helping cut Cody out of the vehicle, an attending paramedic advised that thankfully, he was wearing his seat belt. Shortly thereafter, Raygan began an awareness and education campaign she named "Think S.A.F.E."

The website promotes seat belt use, teen travel safety, and other auto safety efforts. he North Little Rock Mayor’s Youth Council, directed by Jan Scholl, is now promoting and using the Think S.A.F.E. program in city and county schools. This "Celebrate My Drive" grant from State Farm supports this education effort. "Celebrate My Drive" is a national effort by State Farm aimed at creating positive peer influence and safe driving commitments from teen drivers.

On Aug. 29, the North Little Rock Mayor’s Council was presented a $5,000 grant for these efforts by State Farm Insurance.

Over $2 million in high school grants will be presented to 90 high schools in October as part of a "Celebrate My Drive" high school competition. North Little Rock High School will be participating in the CMD contest.