With construction projects currently underway as well as future plans in the making, public support and cooperation is needed, according to Shara Brazear, spokeswoman for the North Little Rock School District.

"Throughout the Capital Improvement Plan, the safety and security of our students will remain a priority as decisions are made concerning parking and other decisions," she said.

Many student parking places at NLRHS West Campus are currently being consumed with construction equipment. This year, parking at West Campus will only accommodate staff and seniors, she said.

"All juniors and sophomores will park at the sophomore campus parking lot. Throughout the school year, the parking arrangements may change according to the progress of the construction. Please be patient throughout the construction process and know the District is working diligently to provide safe parking," said Brazear.

The District Safety Committee meets on a regular basis with representatives from the city and police department including Chief Mike Davis.

"The Capital Improvement Plan is truly a partnership between the school district and our city. The partners have taken specific steps to ensure the safety of high school students during this year," she said.

Projects being accomplished include:

• Four Campus Supervisors are being added to the North Little Rock High School staff to oversee student parking.

• New signage has been added to both the east and west sides of Main street between 22nd and 24th streets.

• Buses will be available daily to transport juniors to West Campus from the parking lot of the sophomore campus. Students are expected to utilize the transportation provided by the District to ensure safe travel across Main street daily.

"Although this practice will be discouraged and eventually prohibited, students attempting to walk across Main Street will be escorted across Main street by District Campus Supervisors or Crossing Guards," Brazear said. "The District is in the process of purchasing property to be used for additional parking."

She said the District will continue to communicate with the public on the changes that arise concerning parking and safety.