When reading a contract, the signer is always told to make sure you read the fine print.

Such was the case at the Jan. 13 meeting of the North Little Rock City Council when aldermen were asked to approve the 2014 Master Street plan.

On Table 8, proposing the approval of Northshore Lane from Young Road to Crystal Hill Road, Deputy City Attorney Matthew Fleming pointed out that if affirmed by the council it would give the property owner there a right to set the road alignment in the area.

Alderman Maurice Taylor questioned if giving a property owner that much say-so was a wise move.

"Have we done this for other property owners?" said Taylor.

City Planning Director Robert Voyles said the language gives the property owner a place at the table if or when the area is developed.

The city council approved the 2014 master street plan.

The plan also has a section on trying to enhance the city’s bike trail system.

The plan points out four goals for the system:

• Provide relatively safe transportation by bicycling to major parks, schools, community centers, commercial areas and other destinations;

• Identify cross city connections for work commuting, errands, access to trails, and connecting to other regional routes;

• Improve bicycle safety education and awareness within the community;

Encourage bicycling as a means of transportation.

"The ideal safe bicycle facility would provide paths separated from motorized vehicles and designed properly to accommodate 18 mph cycling speeds," reads the plan.

The plan points out, as a good example, the Arkansas River Trail.

"Still, as the Arkansas River Trail has become a popular destination, the mixing of pedestrian, their pets, skaters, runners and cyclists has resulted in conflicts," according to the plan. Informational signs at the trail heads have been implemented by the Parks and Recreation Department. These signs contain safety reminders and rules for the area that are important for all users of the trail system."