New North Little Rock Business Licenses issued in December:

The Enclave at the Riverfront, 75 Riverfront Drive;

Go Calendars, 3929 McCain Blvd.;

Diamond Gloss Services, 5100 South Woodland Drive;

Dominguez Insurance, 2913 Kendall Ave., Fort Smith;

Camp Robinson Mini Storage, 5959 Camp Robinson Road;

Littlefield’s Café, 6929 John F Kennedy, Suite 33;

Lisa Lufkin, 1009 Nicole Drive;

Climatic Home Products, 1601 Gregory St.;

Diamond Auto Care, 5031 E. Broadway;

Krush Studios, 1721 North Main St.;

I-uniq, 4605 Randolph;

Asplundh Tree Expert Company, 4708 Hwy 65 South;

Green Cuisine, 4404 Greenway Drive;

H&R Block, 2649 Pike Ave.

H&R Block,4814 JFK Blvd.;

H&R Block,2819 Lakewood Village Drive;

H&R Block,4621 E. Broadway;

First Step Auto Sales, 1922 Landski;

Broadway Flea Market, 3908 East Broadway;

Cheapos Auto Garage, 3908 East Broadway;

Alcohocicos Anonimos, 3405 Pike Ave.;

America First Air Condition and Heating, 1313 North Hills Blvd.;

Good & Great Construction, 304 Cheryl St.;

Kincade Aviation Services Inc., 8200 Remount Road;

Rhino Construction, 2050 Rhino Crossing, Milan, Tenn.