North Little Rock |

Fire Department takes look at response time

By Greg Rayburn

The City of North Little Rock has received proposals to access the effectiveness of its fire protection.

The North Little Rock City Council on Monday was advised in July 10 letter that five proposals had been received where companies were seeking to analyze the fire department’s response times to emergencies.

"This letter is to inform you of the results of the Request for Proposals (RFP) from consulting firms to review and provide an analysis of North Little Rock Fire Department’s response times, coverage and services, which was issued by the City of North Little Rock on May 8, 2014," wrote Mary Beth Bowman, the city’s director of commerce to Mayor Joe Smith.

The city advertised for bids as well as soliciting proposals from between 8-10 firms around the country that provide this type of study.

"The deadline for the RFP was June 10, 2014," said Bowman. "The city received five proposals."

The city put together an Evaluation Committee whose members reviewed and evaluated the five proposals and then met as a committee to determine the best proposal that included the following criteria:

• Costs associated with developing, preparing and presenting the study;

• Quality and thoroughness of the proposal;

• Past performance and experience of the firm;

• Location of their office and proximity to the City of North Little Roc;

• Ability of the firm to provide the services requested.

"After the submissions were reviewed, the Evaluation Committee selected TriData Division System Planning Corp., located in Arlington, Va.," Bowman said. "Their proposed fixed price for the study was $31,315 which was the lowest proposal submitted plus they met the other criteria."

The other four proposals ranged from $45,000 to $76,089, according to Bowman.

"All of the firms who submitted proposals were outside of the state of Arkansas," she said.

The city’s decision to seek the proposals was the result of Ward 2 Aldermen Linda Robinson and Maurice Taylor who said residents in the east portion of the city are not getting adequate fire protection because arrival times to fires and other emergencies are much slower than in some other parts of town.