The city of North Little Rock soon should be starting its 2013 street overlay program.

Mayor Joe Smith told the members of the North Little Rock City Council in a May 13 letter that he is reading to begin.

"In accord with City Resolution No. 8276 passed on March 14, 2013, the attached is the amended list of streets scheduled for the 2013 overlay program," Smith said.

Smith said city aldermen have been contacted and the revised list represents their requested revisions from the original proposed list.

"The city engineer plans to contact the overlay contractor (Cranford Asphalt Co.) to schedule the start of the program as soon as the correspondence is accepted," said Smith.

Nathan Hamilton, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said the street overlay program should begin within the next 60 days.

The following roads are the ones planned for the overlay program this year:

Ward 1

1. Percy Manchin.

a. Pershing to 29th Street (eight blocks)

b. 29th to I-40 On Ramp (four blocks)

c. I-40 On Ramp to Pike Avenue (four blocks)

d. Pike to I-40 Overpass. (three blocks)

2. East 13th Street.

a. Poplar to Main Street (two blocks)

3. West 47th Street.

a. Pike to Camp Robinson Road (four blocks)

Ward 1 will receive 25 blocks worth of overlay improvements.

Ward 2

1. Washington Avenue.

a. Riverfront to Smothers (eight blocks)

b. Smothers to Plum (nine blocks)

2. Lynch Road

a. Highway 70 to Kay (10 blocks)

Ward 2 will receive 27 blocks worth of overlay improvements.

Ward 3

1. Scenic Drive

a. Martin to Cliffwood (four blocks)

2. 47th Street

a. Pike to Camp Robinson Road. (four blocks)

3. Parkway Drive

a. MacArthur to Overpass (eight blocks)

4. Texas Avenue

a. Lee to Green Valley (three blocks)

5. Lee Street

a. Kansas to Rock (five blocks)

6. West 38th Street

a. MacArthur to Crutcher. (two blocks)

Ward 3 will receive 26 blocks worth of overlay improvements.

Ward 4

1. Remount Road.

a. Top of the hill to Camp (eight blocks)

2. Crestwood Road

a. Glenmere to North Hills (15 blocks)

3. Latona Lane

4. a. Camp Robinson to Meadowbrook (two blocks)

a. Frontage to alley (one block).

Ward 4 is to receive 26 blocks of overlay improvements.