Recent downpours have compelled leaders in Morrison Chapel, 2105 Eanes Road, located just outside of the city limits of North Little Rock, to ask aldermen and Mayor Joe Smith for help with flood.

During the June 10 meeting of the North Little Rock City Council, Harold Bell, and his son, Robert, asked city officials to see what could be done to reduce water levels that threaten their church anytime there is a heavy rainfall.

Their church is located only a few blocks outside of North Little Rock.

“We tried to find the water source,” said Robert. “It is all wetlands through there. The water doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Smith said he believes the city needs to do what it can to help the church.

“We need to keep the Lord’s house dry,” Smith said.

Smith said recent rainfalls have been a challenge to many residents, businesses and organizations in the area.

“When you get six inches of rain in a 24-hour period, you are going to get some flooding,” Smith said.

Robert Bell said the church exists within a 100-year flood plane and has not gotten a lot of damage so far but the risk is very real.

“The water is probably two inches from cresting over the top of the levy,” said Robert Bell.

Levees are being used to protect the church and some of them have been softened because of so much recent rainfall.

City Engineer Mike Smith said the church is located near the bayou area that is filled with water.

“To find the exact cause, we will have to do some investigation,” he said. “Multiple things keep that area flooded.”

Harold Bell said that the area has experienced flooding routinely during the last three months. “We need some help because we don’t know where the water is being stopped up at.”