Take a drive through North Little Rock, and a quick impression would be to the visitor that art is an important part of the community.

One such art establishment is Painting with a Twist, a Paint n’ Sip studio in North Little Rock, which has painting classes and plenty of wine for guests to experience a unique getaway through art.

"Painting with a Twist prides itself on making art accessible to anyone," said Alicia Aldrich of Painting with a Twist. "While many of the classes are focused on recreating famous works of art, the studio also offers a Paint Your Pet class. This concept offers a twist on the typical pet picture, as class goers can handcraft a professional painting to hang on their wall to further honor their beloved pets."

Painting with a Twist studio is located at 4178 E. McCain Blvd. in North Little Rock.

Owner Seth McMurry everyone loves their pet and one unique way Painting with a Twist in North Little Rock is connecting with pet owners is by offering them the option to paint a one-of-a-kind picture of their pets in their art studio.

"Just send a good, clear photo of your pet to northlittlerock@paintingwithatwist.com and the artist will pre-sketch your canvas from the photo," said McMurry. "Painting With a Twist will match the colors based on the photo unless otherwise noted."

The ‘paint and sip’ class is led by local art instructors and guests paint on bare 16-by-20-inch canvases using paint and brushes provided by the studio — and they can bring their own drinks, according to McMurry.

The Paint Your Pet event is set for Sept. 22 from 2-5 p.m. The price is $55 per seat.

A similar painting event was held in the studio in late August.